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Sum Of Its Parts is a GM-optional tabletalk roleplaying game about helping others at a repair café. It can be played on your own as a journaling game or with friends; it can be a short one time thing or a long running campaign.

While it was once easy to trash and replace household objects, it is no longer the case after the Calamity. Now, there’s no guarantee that there will be new devices on the market so caring for and repairing them when needed is on the rise.
While there are plenty of privatized and corporate repair shops out there (and they’re bound to make a pretty penny), this game isn’t about those — it’s about the repair cafes, small bastions of community where anyone can come and help repair objects they use every day, from communicators to vehicles, and everything in between. It’s about helping neighbors fix things that are broken as they help fix you in return.
Maybe you’re travelers, going from town to town, café to café, helping mend and repair the broken people and things you come across, or maybe this is your town, the repair café that you grew up learning the arts from your elders. Regardless, you’re here today to help fix what you can.

(Please note that this is a Prototype - changes will be made as the mechanics and writing gets tweaked)

Characters designed by Serabourg
Cover art by Fruitloop-chan; Interior art by elsendor

Current Version: v0.2 (19 Aug '21) - event table completed, art updated, base PDF only

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreCard Game
TagsDice, Tabletop role-playing game


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I want a real-life repair cafe is all Imma say!

(1 edit)

Not quite sure where you are in the world but they are fairly well known in parts of Europe. I know some major cities had pop up repair cafes pre pandemic every so often. You can always start your own once things improve

edit; probably should have checked your profile first but according to repair cafe site there’s two in Brazil!